Heart Power is an American Heart Association curriculum designed for children of all ages to educate on the topics of nutrition, physical activity, living tobacco-free and knowing how the heart works. Our office can provide this series of classes to your school community center or church.

Search Your Heart is a heart-health and stroke prevention program for African-American and Hispanic/Latino communities. We offer this program in both English and Spanish.

1st Candle classes are taught to educate new moms on safe sleep habits for their new babies. This program is available to women in their 3rd trimester or has a baby three months old or younger. There is no cost for this class. This class is available in English or Spanish

Chronic Disease Self Management
is a self-management program for people living with chronic conditions.
This class is currently only offered in English. Classes are taught by people living
with a chronic disease.

Living Well: Brother to Brother: A program for men of color, taught by men of color.  This course covers physical health, mental health and spiritual health. Classes are taught on a monthly basis. Five (5) sessions are facilitated with open dialogue among men of color.